Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Intends To Expand Its Multi-Billion Dollar Advertising Business

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB), one of the top social media giants is excited to announce a new addition on its platform. This will make it easy for people to post guitars, bicycles and other goods for sale.

On Friday, the social networking titan disclosed that it was testing online ads. If everything moves as planned, the ads will be seen on Facebook?s core newsfeed.

At the moment, only a few users in the U.S will see the ads. Facebook?s spokesperson, Mike Manning while recently a dressing a number of top news reporters said that all the ads will continue to be labeled with advertiser?s name. Asides from that, they will also be engraved with the word ?sponsored.?The reason behind this is to help create a distinction between them and the rest of the marketplace postings.

According to some trusted sources, the ads won?t be showcased on the desktop computer version. However, one will be able to see them in the mobile version of Facebook. In October, the top social media company debuted the marketplace .This would see the company rise above its primary social networking service that it has been offering for many years.

As a matter of fact, the provider doesn?t carry out its transactions via the marketplace. Instead, it serves as an effective facilitator between the various sellers and buyers. It thus gives them room to carry out their respective transactions according to Yahoo.

It goes without saying that indeed Facebook is making strong moves to expand its multi-billion dollar advertising business and the future looks bright. That is considering the sales in its latest quarter which stood at $7.9 billion. In May, Its diverse platform saw different sellers post over 18 million items. Manning asserts that indeed the service is growing popular by the day.

A number of journalists interrogated the top official. They wanted to know who the third-party advertisers were in the trial. To their great disappointment, he declined to specify. The top provider won?t be charging advertisers in the course of the testing. It is at the moment only concerned about discovering how successful the ads are.