Defiant Taiwan president rejects Beijing?s proposal of ?one country, two systems

Taiwan?sPresident on Wednesday rejected the Chinese President Xi Jinping?s call for unification under a ?one country, two systems? approach. Tsai said her island of 23 million people would never accept the approach proposed by Beijing.

?China must face the fact of the existence of Taiwan, Republic of China, and not deny the system of a democratic country that has been commonly built up by the Taiwanese people,? she said in a statement hours after President Xi said in a policy speech on that no one can stop the trend toward unification.

One country, two systems refers to a framework similar to Hong Kong in which the territory became part of China but retained a degree of autonomy. Taiwan and China split in a civil war that brought the Communist Party to power in China in 1949. The rival nationalists set up their own government on Taiwan, an island 160km off the Chinese mainland.
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